Call For Equity: The True Essence of Labor Day

To unsuspecting eyes, the presence of restless street vendors in their strategic spots seems like an imperative scene to understand the current labor situation in the country. Though small businesses fuel the national economy, celebrating Labor Day when most of its operators cannot even afford to enjoy its essence as a legal holiday reveals a concerning situation.

AIDS OF SPADES: Unraveling the Power of Knowledge and Acceptance on HIV and AIDs Awareness

While there are available vaccines and trials for Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) to alleviate the increasing number of Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDs) patients, there is no remedy yet that can treat the looming stigma in the country. This posits that while there is a fight to lessen if not end the HIV and AIDs cases in the Philippines, there is an attached societal disease that needs to be treated similarly.


In a place where hopes, dreams, and lives were once bound now stands a land riddled with terror, horror, and death. Images that harshly portray mass extinction seemingly reduce countless lives into mere numbers. Endless attacks that silence screams and howls consume people with grief and fear. As unrecognized bodies painted with ash gray and red continue to grow in numbers, the heart of the Holy Land now mirrors hell. One would assume that the current conflict between Israel and Palestine started on the morning of October 7th, but in retrospect, it has been taking place for almost a century. The Islamist militant group Hamas, which translates to Islamic Resistance Movement, launched a surprise attack on Israel on October 7 during the Jewish holiday of Simchat Torah. As hundreds of people died and were wounded, the state of Israel declared war on the Gaza Strip, a place which is populated by almost two million Palestinians.

The stories of untold victors: '23 NSCUAA Bicolana 4th placers

In the recently concluded 2023 National State Colleges and Universities Athletic Association (NSCUAA) Games held in Tarlac, Bicol displayed adamant poise, bagging numerous medals in chess, swimming, and athletics. As remarkable as it may sound, behind the glory and praise of our medal-bearers are Bicolana women, who were a notch away from adding up to the region’s medal tally. Stepping into the spotlight of these near-medal achievers, here are the battle-for-bronze stories of Bicolana athletes who, despite confronting formidable pre-tournament obstacles, sported their prowess and stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the finest athletes in the country in the 2023 NSCUAA Games.

Sa tinta at hinaing: Hangad ng tagagawa ng propesyon

Taga-hila kami ng hagdan pataas patungo sa hakbang ng kani-kanilang pag-asenso sa buhay. Ngunit, kami naman itong hinahayaan lang madulas pababa at inaapak-apakan upang manatili lamang sa aming mga kinalalagyan.

Lupang Hinarang: Hagulhol sa Hinanging Himig

Hindi lamang tuwing Setyembre naririnig ni Inang Bayan ang mga pekeng metaporika sa kanyang tinatanging awit— sapagkat sa araw-araw na pagtugtog nitong musika, punong-puno ito ng pagkukunwari.

I’m Back In Beyubs, Yet Leaving Soon - Senior, ID 2019

I always dreamed of parties after exams. Fancy study sesh at coffee tables. Meet-cutes in the university library. Running with someone in the BU oval. Falling in love. Crying together with my college friends because we can't handle life anymore. Breaking down. Getting drunk. Rinse. Repeat.